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Athens, Greece

John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini


Yannis Paschalis

Dining Room.jpg
Living Room.jpg
Bathroom 01.jpg
Bathroom 02.jpg
Bedroom 01.jpg

The apartment is located in a 1980s building. The layout is preserved almost intact, especially in the living areas. The changes mainly occur in the private areas. The two smaller bathrooms are united into a bigger one, while the third smaller bedroom is directly connected to the master bedroom and becomes the walking closet.


The kitchen is placed in the heart of the apartment. Its walls are demolished and it is transformed from a closed room into an open plan area. This choice makes the spatial relationship of the entrance with the kitchen more direct. Free standing objects, like a line of tall cabinets or the kitchen island, are placed in the intermediate space to filter and redirect the movements.


This intermediate space of the entrance, the kitchen and the corridor hosts all the connections and is materialised in a holistic way through the choice of a common color. Gray transcends all surfaces either as paint or as cladding.

The living area stands as a clearly defined rectangular and is painted white. It forms a direct contrast with the adjacent gray area. The transition from white to gray is a strict line expressed in all three dimensions. 

The bedrooms also follow the white canon but their floors are covered with dark wood. This choice is even more dominant in the walking closet were all surfaces are unified by the material.


The apartment is divided into zones of functions in a visually apparent way. The simple choice of color and material differantiation underlines the transitions and transforms them into a conscious condition.

Molindris Plan.png


Molindris Axo.png

Axonometric View

Molindris 3D.jpg

Perspective View

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 13.22.56.png

posted June 16, 2021

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