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Athens, Greece

John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini


Nikos Papageorgiou

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The apartment was designed in the 70s as an L shape layout with two distinct and defined wings of public and private areas. The focus of its reconfiguration is to blend the two areas creating a gradual passage from private to public through frames and transitions.

Each function retains its original place according to the existing layout. What changes is their correlation, the enhancement of the public element and the clarification of the geometry. The in-between subspaces that fragmented the apartment in favor of privacy levels are eliminated. The living area is unified and the transition towards the kitchen is realized through a wooden pause that hosts the dining table. In a similar manner two of the three defined rooms are framed within the common area affecting their privacy levels.

This condition of openess stems from the owner’s affinity to contemporary art and the understanding of space as a field of change and fluidity. In this view the walls of the apartment are painted white, as a canvas for art. The choice of white is absolute in all facets of the construction, from the kitchen and the bathroom to every single room. Wood is the only material with actual presence, as it transcends the apartment floors. It is transformed into a three dimensional entity as the threshold to the kitchen, creating yet another frame of space. Color and any other materiality is the result of personal expression, either with furniture, art objects or its most spatial manifestation, the pink guest bathroom.

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Public - Private

The Object

Apartment in Ilisia Perspective.jpg

Public Area as a Stage

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