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assistant architect:

Ioannina, Greece
under construction

Elisavet Plaini

Aaron Koen


John Karahalios

The concept is based on the separation of the public and the private character of the two main functions of the program – commercial and housing. Furthermore, the housing complex is consisted of different types of living with distict qualities that refer to each need.


The building is organized in a unified volume. This leads to side by side neighboring circumstances that underline the privacy aspect. The size of the site and the way that the building is situated creates a deep building. The core of the volume is lit through a luminous zone that penetrates the whole building.


This 2m-wide zone functions in all levels of the project, in the public areas as well as the private areas. The expression of this zone can be as voids or as skylights. Natural light diffuses all the way to the ground floor, whereas the voids highlight the third dimension and create unique spatial qualities.

1st Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

Side View

Front View


Back View

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