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Agrinio, Greece

John Karahalios

The triangular shape of the site and the diverse functions set the outline of the concept design of the project. The building follows the structure of the rest of the block and gradually its volume dissolves as an approach to its angular closure. At the same time the functions of each floor are different which is necessary to be expressed.
-The Ground Floor
It is mainly a pilotis. The only closed parts are the main entrance and a double floor office that is located in the volume adjacent to the next building.
-The Floors
The first, second and third floor follow more or less the same plan of urban apartments and hence their exterior expression is uniform.
-The Penthouse
It is a two-floor apartment with a pool. The bedrooms and the private areas are located on the fourth floor, while the public areas of the house are located on the fifth floor and are articulated around the triangular pool.
The architectural vocabulary of the project is mainly highlighted by the reversal of the structural sense through the use of the penthouse as a hanging object. Together with the distinct expression of the different functional parts and the gradual adaptation of the urban scale the geometrical volumes are translated into a contemporary building.

Site Plan

Underground Plan

Ground Plan

1st-2nd-3rd Floor Plan

4th Floor Plan

5th Floor Plan

West View

West Section

South Section

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