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Athens, Greece




John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini


Eleni Tsirintani


Epikyklos Technical Construction

Nikos Papageorgiou












The objective was the conversion of an interwar period building of two properties by floor into a single house.

The two-storey structure was suffocating between two five-storey apartment buildings. Its presence was accentuated through the choice of a distinct paint. The new metal structures, the railings and the main gate were designed according to the rules and the geometry that was dictated by the architecture of the building.

It was very important to keep the old layout of sequential rooms intact. This decision was apparent for structural reasons but it also gave meaning to the initial decision of the owners to purchase the particular building and its different spatial qualities of living. Where interventions in the old layout were necessary, they occurred in a manner of respect to the mentality of the structure.

The preservation of the room system at the ground floor was highlighted by the use of different color for each room, ranging from warm to cold, depending on the orientation. The compartmentalization of the big living room on the floor into rooms was realized through the use of light wooden structures, without undermining the understanding of the initial space.

The landscape design of the garden, the selection of trees and the lighting of the surrounding area served as backdrop for the house. The centerpiece was undeniably the impressive bougainvillea that graces the building for decades and it is this dual relationship with the interwar structure that identified its urban presence.

Ground Plan

Floor Plan

Terrace Plan

Arrangement and Material Diagram by Floor


issue 201

October 2015


featured project

posted June 23, 2016

posted June 27, 2016

posted July 26, 2016

Kapa Magazine by Kathimerini

issue 698

October 16, 2016

p. 54

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