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Athens, Greece




John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini


The day drifted away. It was one of the last warm afternoons of autumn. I strolled from Omonoia towards Kerameikos square.

All my memories were from the western part of the city, even though the elders insisted on talking for Syntagma square and the bygone times. The Athens triangle is now complete. The city has gained its equality.

Everyone kept asking me what I would do for my last day in Athens. I could descend to the archeological trench of Kerameikos where the bodies are non-existent. Maybe I would climb up to the floating square, the “bubble”, where the body lost its gravity. Finally I decided to go into the Bridge building where immaterial bodies travel. I would meet old friends from all parts of Europe. I headed to the cells of digital events. We danced till it started to go dark. It was a nice farewell celebration.

The hill of the Acropolis was illuminated. I stood in the middle of the square. I realized that what I really aspired for tonight was to spend those last hours with people of the city, randomly, without choice; simply to co-exist.

The square was empty; some people remained only in the bubble. The dawn was breaking. The big day had come. My trip to the Mars colony Beta547 was about to begin. In 30 years, when I return, what will my beloved Athens be like?

posted July 26, 2016

posted July 26, 2016

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