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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


competition entry


John Karahalios

Point Supreme Architects

Joao Ruives Prato

Dubai: extravagantly optimistic, a large construction site, an accelerated urbanism like none before. It is about newness and bigness. A city of 21st century skyscrapers, in a perpetual vertical race for height.

The ThyssenKrupp Emblem Structure denies all comparisons; the absolute form of a cube beats any dimension and guarantees its unique timelessness - it is as though it was always there.

The Golden Cube becomes a large frame that captures the ever-changing skyline of the city. The structure supports a horizontal plateau in the sky: a suspended oasis with a view.

ThyssenKrupp equips the building with a state-of-the art circulation system: four types of elevators, escalators follow the circular frame of the building and a capsule rolls along a second one. The structure acts like a pedestal for different types of mechanical movement.

The Golden Cube is a gigantic adornment. A monument to construction. A new icon for Dubai.

Comparative analysis of height and print of various international landmarks

Site Plan

Underground Plan

Ground Plan

Terrace Plan

Medium Height Plan



Design + Art in Greece

issue 42

March 2011

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