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Chicago, USA


selection entry


John Karahalios

Katerina Sirouni

The scope of work was to design the concept and master plan for the expansion of The Hellenic American Academy.
The project is not just about organizing functions and facilities. It is about creating a cultural center that gives shape and form to the vision of the Greek American community interpreting the Greek spirit and its ideals in a contemporary and creative way.


The geometry and the clarity of form are basic elements of our concept proposal.

The Academy Complex is organized around two main axes of open area public space. The first is from north to south alongside the pond on one side and the library and the school building on the other, leading to the Church. The second is from west to east described as the church courtyard, the playground and the drop off area on the attached master plan.  


Facilities are separated in four sectors: religious, athletic, educational and public uses. Each sector consists of distinctive buildings/units that take the form of simple cubic volumes inspired by the human scale of Greek tradition.


Hellenic American


Closed Competition

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