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Athens, Greece




John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini


Epikyklos Technical Construction

Nikos Papageorgiou









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This is a small store of 50sq.m. that comprises the dining hall and the preparation area. It is located in a typical Athenian apartment block of the 1970s on a street of significant inclination. Thus the store level gradually sinks in relation to the pavement, which creates an interesting condition of interiority.

The space is divided into two distinct zones:

- The zone of the facade is white and enclosures the sitting areas, which are expressed either as an array of booths or as a large central table. From the ledge level and down all the new constructions, the walls and the floor are covered with beech wood cladding. The furniture is made of the same material and that creates a unified condition of materiality and the sense of an envelope that embraces the user. This horizontal division also underlines the relation of the interior level with the exterior inclination of the ground.

- The zone at the back of the store is painted blue at all surfaces and signifies the routes (to the preparation area and to the WC) and the secondary functions (storage and counter). The intense and consistent use of color attenuates the presence of different elements and serves as a background on which the changing conditions of life in the store are projected.

Baba Ghanoush Plan.png


Baba Ghanoush Axo.png

Axonometric View

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