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Santorini, Greece




John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini


Peggy Loutou

Epikyklos Technical Construction

Vangelis Paterakis

The “Arches Boutique Hotel” celebrates the uninterrupted relation of the town of Oia with Europe and western civilization. Santorini has always been a bridge of cultures, bringing together different elements and introducing new unique forms.

The building itself, situated in the center of Oia, serves as a paradigm of co-esxistance between the traditional Cycladic white forms and the array of west-influenced arches, echoing the utopian landscapes of Giorgio De Chirico’s paintings.

The index of the rooms points out a less known historical period, that of the Frankish rule from 1207 to 1579. Traces and influences of that era are still apparent around the island, most notably in the five old fortified settlements, from which the rooms are named.

The interiors of the rooms are decorated with antique furniture from the late 19th to the first half of the 20th century. This is a direct reference to the captains’ houses that were built around that period and carried the torch of western influence to the island even to our days. The thriving economy of the shipping trade deepened the ties with Europe and inevitably western culture saturated the upper classes, bringing the urban aesthetics of the European capitals into the interiors of Oia’s homes.

Ground Level

Floor Level


posted February 21, 2018

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