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Tripoli, Greece




John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini






The project is about a small café that sells coffee, pies and other dough products in the manner of a canteen for passersby. On this basis it is designed as an independent object that slides in the corner of an existing two-storey building, a typical shell from the 60s in the Greek town of Tripolis. The building is left intact. The intervention is confined within the limits of the windows, suggesting the co-existence of two different principles.


The interior has two distinct characteristics: The grid of light bulbs and the profound yellow neon sign. The first serves as a reminiscence of the traditional cheese-pie vitrines where light bulbs were extensively used to keep the pies warm. The latter relies on the iconic elements of typical canteens.


The design features reflective and slick finishes that are enhanced with the warmth of yellow to accentuate the introverted dynamics of the space. The interior is stripped down to the necessary and forms an empty vessel where the customer is part of a scene that stands as an exhibit within the city.


Front View

Side View

Vitrine Graphics


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