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Athens, Greece




John Karahalios

Elisavet Plaini


Epikyklos Technical Construction

Nikos Papageorgiou










«Epikyklos» is a construction company. Its headquarters are located in a corner property in a central apartment block of the 1950’s.  The offices are spread on an open plan inscribed in an irregular scheme that creates interesting pockets of privacy.

The creation of various nuances of public and private space, not through systems of separation but through co-existance and association, is the principal tool of architectural design.

A construction company’s activities are scattered around various locations. Its headquarters is not a place of specific roles or posts but rather a strategic nucleus from which all the activities spring and to which everyone refers. This is reflected in the way the space is structured. The employees don’t have a specific work area but they plug in within the system in any given point of the day depending the needs.

The space has a fluid finction. It has two main cores, the core of changing room and secretary and the core of office desks. The rest of the areas have a more or less fixed used that changes accordingly.

The core of changing room is essentially a white cube, fully closed, with hidden storage areas in a recess of which reception and secretary services are located. The core of office desks is a linear zone that is occupied by an equally linear intermittent white table with hidden drawers and points of digital connection and is separated by the open plan only in terms of sound through a glass construction.

What is left is a truly continuous space that creates other sub-spaces through a discipline of different floors and roofs or by placing free standing objects. The differentiating strategies are interwined from space to space aiming to dissolve limits and make the transitions fluid and ambiguous.

Waiting area is spread within the same limits of the kitchen area with the latter being inherent as a free standing marble cube. Waiting area shares the same old oak floor with brainstorming area but is separated by it by a construction of wooden cubes the placement of which creates a tribune. The cubes of the tribune are in a dialogue with the system of the cubical lights at the roof of the entrance. Brainstorming area is concentrated around a working table and is linked to an adjacent exhibition area through parallel lines of spotlights on the roof. The wooden floor is not continued to this particular area though, but instead white cement is chosen suggesting a feeling of an all-white cove.

This delibarate sliding of one space to the other serves the very structure of the company and expresses the constant flow and flexibility as experienced by both employees and visitors.


Floor Arrangement

Ceiling Arrangement

Public-Private Nuances


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April 2015



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December 2015



issue 203

December 2015


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Open House Athens

April 6-7, 2019

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